Show Car Polishing

Show car polishing

The Show Car Polish is suited for those who demand supreme attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Recommended for removing oxidation, swirl marks and paint scratches. Machine polishing will bring (depth & clarity to the paint finish and final polishing for shine enhancement). Providing a new show car immaculate shine for any vehicle including owners of classic, ultra luxury and high performance cars. Specializing in black and dark color vehicles and providing a 100% mirror finish guarantee. Utilizing Swissvax Fabric & Leather cleaner and conditioner, Pete's 53 Black Pearl Crystal wax. When people keep their cars longer, oxidation of commonly used plastic headlight lenses is an increasing problem for many drivers. The oxidation creates a haze that's not only unsightly, but can also significantly reduce headlight illumination, creating a major safety hazard. Because hazing occurs over time, drivers might not be aware or notice the creeping dangers of faded headlights until it is very obvious. We feel it is much better to fix the problem in its early stages of fading, before it gets much worse and of course much more dangerous to the driver.

  • Spotless scratch free hand car wash utilizing deionized water and micro fiber towels
  • Decontamination & detailing spray application for removing embedded dirt from paint finish
  • Show Car polishing to remove paint oxidation, swirls, water spots and paint scratches
  • Premium synthetic cleaning compounds utilized to restore paint finish, headlights & enhance shine
  • Pete's 53 Signature Black Pearl Crystal wax for longterm protection
  • Interior restoration of carpets, seats, console, dash board, vents, knobs, trunk compartment
  • Swissvax Fabric & Leather coat for up to one year car interior protection
  • UV protection of all interior components to guard against sun damage and fading
  • Showroom engine detailing, including all rubber hoses detailed and dressed

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Mobile Detailing

Premium Hand Detail

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Show Car Polishing

Show car polishing This service is suited for those who demand supreme attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Three stage paint restoration (removing oxidation, swirl marks, polishing to...

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Interior Car Detailing

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Gold VIP Membership

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