Premium Hand Detail

Premium hand detail

Mobile Detail Services will restore your vehicle to original condition with 100% mirror finish guarantee utilizing premium Pete's 53 Black Pearl 53% Brazilian carnauba wax and Swissvax leather conditioner & cleaner. This service is recommended for restoring the paint finish and interior fabric including leather reconditioning. This hand detailing service is good for maintaining your vehicle on a year round basis.

  • Spotless scratch free hand car wash utilizing deionized water and micro fiber towels
  • Decontamination (clay bar removes fallout and dirt from exterior paint finish)
  • Pete's 53 Black Pearl wax applied to shine, restore and enhance original paint shine
  • Interior carpets, seats, headliner, knobs, console, trunk & door jams detailed
  • Air vents, tail pipe, moldings, plastics and all rubber trim and chrome polished
  • Swissvax leather cleaner & conditioner applied to interior leather components & seats
  • Wheels professionally detailed, polished and waxed, tires cleaned & dressed
  • Rubber door moldings, including all plastics detailed & dressed

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Mobile Detailing

Premium Hand Detail

Premium hand detail We provide complete interior detailing, Pete's 53 Black Pearl Crystal Interior leather cleaner and conditioner, with superior Swissvax interior products ...

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